Post party learning curve

7:04 AM

We threw Queenie her first birthday party with actual friends (not adults as with her first birthday party yesterday and it was a HIT! But there are definitely some things that I learned about the situation and myself. Wanna hear them?

1. I LOVE hosting. LOVE IT! But preparing to host something stresses me out a little bit and if the rest of my family isn't totally, 100% on their good behavior I might just take my stress out on them. Not cool. Next time (meaning this next weekend while hosting T-Day) I will be putting on some music, plastering on a smile and, if I get stressed, finding another way to get rid of it other than going off on hubby. (insert toothy grin here)

2. Decorating is FUN! Making piñatas is FUN! But a piñata that is expected to hold over 4 kilos of candy (8 lbs.) needs to have more than just two layers of plastered newspaper. We couldn't hang it. Instead Principe had to hold it and hope the children didn't hit him with the rubber mallet. Kids could have cared less though and the adults thought it was funny.

3. Stop making food! No body eats as much as you think they are going to eat and then you have too many scrumptious leftovers that are a BIG temptation for a WAHM.

4. Kids don't care too much about decorations or the fact that you spent two hours making blue candied popcorn to coordinate with the party colors.

5. My Pazzles machine is awing when it comes to adults who are not into scrapbooking or any other craft. They all thought I made the castles by hand!

6. It is fun to invite the adults too and much laughter ensues as we all talk and share stories, but it sure does take a bit more work!

7. When you invite the adults (a.k.a your friends) never put an ending time on the invite. They won't pay attention to it anyway! Queenie's party ended up going for 7 hours!

8. It will take two days to clean and prep before hand and two days afterwards to clean and reorganize the house. In that whirlwind you will find many open, empty candy wrappers hidden in several places.

9. While during the party it looks like the paparazzi had arrived due to my wonderful friends taking so many pictures and it seemed like a good idea to lay off my camera and enjoy the party with the idea that I would get their pictures, the day afterwards with no pictures to post or look at is a bit disappointing. Especially for a photo-aholic like me!

10. What you do for one kid has to be done for another. Firecracker spent all day asking when her birthday is and when she will get presents. What she doesn't know yet is that the baby is due one day before her birthday.....but obviously something is going to have to give because I don't think she is going to forgive us if she doesn't get a birthday party!

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