Learning to water the grass

4:43 AM

The site url from pinterest for this quote is no longer in service, but if you know who made it please let me know so I can give some credit!
It took me two days to recover from Thanksgiving on Saturday. We ended up having 10 adults and 5 kids in our house to celebrate the American holiday. The only foreigners allowed were those married to the Americans who came! Not that I don't love foreigners but they just don't understand the concept of Tday like us Americans. One year I invited my inlaws only to hear about 20x how I shouldn't make three pies and how we shouldn't put so much on our plates! I won't stand for Tday sacrilege talk in my house!

It literally took me two days to recover. On Sunday I woke up ready to go back to bed. The only reason I got up was to make sure my children ate. The pressure on my lower uterus made me want to stay seated all day long, but that was impossible. I also felt like I was getting the stomach flu and ended up not eating anything. Only drank mint tea. But staying at home wasn't an option as we had a prior engagement with someone we had cancelled on before. So I dragged myself onto the bike and went. That night I fell into an uncomfortable sleep on the couch at 9pm. The night sleep in my bed wasn't much better. Monday I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. I dozed on the couch a bit more after the girls went off to school and then I bummed around the house. Thankfully I chose to clean up after Tday dinner the night of, otherwise it would have just sat in the sink for two days!

But yesterday I was feeling better. Actually, I was feeling good. The pressure was gone and no longer worrisome so I ventured out and had a coffee date with my friend. And then ate Tday leftover sandwiches for both lunch and dinner because I deserved it after not eating for two days! And it was scrumptious.

But now it is time for some watering. Christmas is coming and I still have a few things to get ready. I have some projects to finish up even though I have been rather good lately at getting started things finished (which gives you an idea as to how many things I had started in the first place!). There are still a few things I have to figure out for Principe's present and then we need to get ready to go to Spain for the holidays, come back here to welcome my stepbrother to Toulouse for a few days and then GO TO DISNEYLAND! (The girls' Christmas present.)

All the while I still have half of my book to redo, still need to write a good query, still need to look for agents and still need to sell it. Oh, yes, and I need to take care of this very active baby growing inside me as well as myself. That is lots of watering to do! Time to get to it!

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