Election Day

1:12 AM

We are back in Toulouse. I know that I seem to have a problem with keeping you all updated while I am away. Not sure what my deal is, except that life was just so super busy while we were in the States. During the first week my dad and stepmom and grandmother came to visit so our days were filled with catching up with them and just basking in each other's light. Two years have passed since we have actually seen each other face to face. Skype doesn't count. Two years is a long time, but we spent five nice wonderful days together and even took the girls bowling for the first time in their lives. And can you believe that I didn't think to even take an instagram picture? What is wrong with me? I guess I was just having too much fun hanging out with my dad. But still, What was I thinking???

Right after my dad left my best friend came into town. She has since moved to Oklahoma, but her hubby was nice enough to watch all four of their children so that she could come and have a minivacation with me. And my hubby was nice enough to allow me to go out and spend $150 on scrapbooking material! (Just to be fair, a part of that money was spent on a project I am making FOR Principe.....)

Then my mom took off work and my brother came home and my sister took time off to hang out with us and some how....some how the days just zipped by. I did get Christmas shopping done and I did drink way too much Starbucks as it is EVERYWHERE and the girls did go trick or treating for the first time in their lives! And I got pictures of that! Of course Halloween came complete with a mini-meltdown from Queenie who didn't understand the concept as well as I thought she did but once I removed her from the situation and explained it to her about 100 times she finally got on the bandwagon and had a great time! And once Queenie was on board, Firecracker changed her mind as well and thought it was great how people were giving her candy just because she said "trick or treat!"

And of course much of my time was spent watching and/or talking about the election. What a close race! If any of you have spent any time on here you probably already know who I am voting for, although in the last few years I have tried to make this blog much less about politics than my first blog was 6 years ago! The interesting thing is that y family has very differing opinions on so many things. Sometimes it is very interesting to talk about all the issues and sometimes, in the case of my younger brother and sister, it isn't interesting as they just make wisecracks or spew out what they heard on their favorite news program. I am pretty sure neither one of them has even heard about Bengazi! Ay, ay, ay!

But today is the big day, whether we have heard all the facts or not! I was lucky enough to get to vote early this time around as the last time I did an absentee vote from Spain I really had the feeling that it was lost or never counted. It amazed me how very little my State knew about absentee voting when I was trying to get information! But none of that headache this time around! I voted and am very grateful for early voting in Wisconsin!

How about you? Did you vote yet? Whoever you are voting for just remember that your voice counts. Whether you live in Ohio or not!

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