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8:45 AM

 I found this quote on Pinterest and just fell in love with it. I pinned it right away with the idea of placing it in the girls' room. I think the quote is so true and a great reminder everyday of how special they each are. Of course the SHE could be changed easily for HE as it applies to both genders...but I only have girls at the moment! Now that I look at it, while I really like how it turned out, I wish the button were glittery too. Maybe I will add some sparkle to them...I was also thinking of adding sparkle to all of the main words. What do you think?

Here is the original.
POWERFUL! I need this hanging in my house. <3While I like it I just didn't have the right color paints on hand, but I do have a ton of misters that I want to use up. Plus, I am kind of in love with color so I went with it. And sparkle. I did cheat a bit and used my Pazzles to cut the words out of a 12x12 paper to use as a stencil. Which was super nice because really the only time involved was arranging the words on my Pazzles program and then waiting for things to dry. Bing, bam, boom. Wall art. Pinterest has made me into an artist. Now to do something with that new, old servers table I just bought. You know, now that there is pinterest in this world leaving things as they are is not an option. They must all be done up and done up WELL! Don't you think?

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