5:00 AM

I got irritated today. I always do when this happens. You know, when the day seems to slip by you without you really getting anything done?
Sure, I spent the morning helping Principe prep for his super important interview.
Sure, I then packed for him and made sure he got out the door in time for his flight.
Sure, I then started the painstakingly slow task of taking everything off our computer, saving it onto the external hard drive and cleaning it up. This task is not easy not only because we have WAY too much stuff on our computer that we never clean up, but because the is battery is shot and now the cable to the plug is also going so every 15 minutes you have to spend 20 trying to sweet talk the cable into staying connected both to computer and the plug.


Then it was time to get Firecracker. I was only 1/8 of the way done with the computer. Spend an hour feeding and playing with her and trying to be patient with her very STUBBORN attitude these days. I have to convince her to get up the stairs, hope she doesn't cry when I close the door and coax her into washing her hands. Why? Because she is two.

Then it is nap time because we have tumbling at 4pm. If she gets in bed by 1:30 she should be good.

I sit down to the computer again.

I hear knocking. Great.

I threatened not to take her to tumbling. She lies down.

 I sit down again.

 Again I hear knocking. She has to pee. Fine. Done. Back to bed.


Fine. Play. I shut her door almost shut.

Then I give up on the computer and change to come workout clothes. If all goes well I can get 2 short videos in.

 "Mama, I have caca."

Stop video. Mama is seething.

But she is trying to icing coat herself.

Caca done.

Heartbeat already back down. Start video.

 Principe calls. He can't find the hotel. I find the address. Good-bye. Love you.

Video on.

Firecracker wants to place all her toys into the small area I workout in.


She looks at me like I am a monster, throws herself on the floor and cries. It is too late for a nap.

I try to give her milk. She doesn't want it. I go back to my video. Still haven't finished the first one.

Firecracker continues to cry and I try to ignore her.

Principe calls again. I am not very nice to him. He gets mad. We hang up.

 I finish the video, but have been left with a bad taste in my mouth.

I scoop up a whimpering, stubborn two year old and tell her it is time for tumbling. She immediately cheers up and dances down the hallway.

I take a shower. It takes 15 minutes to convince Firecracker to obey and get shoes on. And no, you cannot wear the Minnie Mouse dress to tumbling. Why? Why? Why? I answer the question the same 500 times.

 I call Principe and apologize. He accepts.

We rush to tumbling. It is a 25 minute walk away. And Firecracker has a great time.

 But I got irritated today and yelled LOUD. So loud I saw a look on my daughter's face that I have never seen before. And all because I wanted to exercise. All because I wanted to FINISH something today. Errr. Tomorrow is another day.....

 Mama's Losin' It

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