Going Home Homesickenes

6:58 AM

I go home on Saturday!

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And for three whole weeks!

You cannot image just how giddy and happy I get during the days that come before boarding that plane home! Because when you go home as an expat you are not just going home to see family, which is great and wonderful in itself, you are going back to your country.

Back to where everything is familiar.

Back to where fall looks like fall because it is the fall that you grew up with.

Back to the holidays that you miss when you are away. (this will be the girls' FIRST Halloween!)

Back to the smells and tastes that you miss.

Back to television in English.

Back to manual cars and normal 'turn right on red' rules. (Europe does NOT have that rule)

It is all about the little, tiny things that you just don't have here. Or which just aren't the same. And perhaps you never cared about these things until you just didn't have them.

It isn't until you are an expat that you realize how hard it is to leave your own country. Maybe there are some people who never want to go back to their country and that is why they leave (I know someone like that. She hasn't been back to Russia in 15 year and never plan to go back) but I am not one of those. I left to seek adventure and because I love my Spanish Principe, but I didn't leave because I don't like my country. In fact, sometimes leaving reinforces just how much one DOES like their country. After all, it is outside your country where you have to learn to defend it the most. Believe me.

Or just laugh at the misconceptions of it!

But none of that matters right now because I AM GOING HOME! And just in time for fall! With the leaves turning colors and pumpkins all around and where people actually care to decorate and celebrate both the season and the holidays in that season! I can't wait to go shopping at the stores that I wish would come over here. (And for normal prices!) And eat Mexican food that is spicy and NOT SWEET! And get a large vanilla latte that tastes GOOD!

Can you tell I am pregnant?

And who can forget the Hershey's pumpkin kisses? Holy Moly and I am about to get fat! And relish every second of it because I will be home!

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