Coming home

7:10 AM

 I have been up since 4:11am.

 And that was after fetching a bottle of milk at 2:04 and then taking Firecracker to the potty at 3:30. Unfortunately going to the potty woke her up enough to not want to go back to sleep again.

Did you know that there is literally nothing on tv at 4am? Not even with hundreds of channels.Of course one of the biggest problems is keeping a two year old quiet. And getting her to understand why everyone else is sleeping right now.

I was hoping that she would watch a bit of tv and then go back to bed. But she didn't. Then at 5:30am Queenie woke up. Some good cartoons finally came on so I took the opportunity to snooze on the couch, but for some reason the girls couldn't seem to get along all of a sudden and each needed the big chair or the red crayon. And then Firecracker needed to know what colors the trains were on the cartoon.

Suffice to say that I didn't get much snoozing done.

Then suddenly it was quarter to seven and my mother and stepdad were awake getting ready for work. And there was no way the girls weren't going to get in on being with their grandparents.

By now it is 9am and we have eaten breakfast and played with toys, painted nails, gotten out the dollies and watched more cartoons, played with the cat, thrown the ball to the dog and asked if we can go outside about a million times. Now that it is time to go outside I am ready to go to bed. I just need to make it another hour until Principe comes back from his run. He got up after 7.

Welcome to jet-lag while being a mom.

But it is all worth it. Because yesterday I ate homemade waffles, then a smoked turkey sandwich, a chair latte while shopping at Target before coming home to homemade tacos. All the while hanging out and talking with my bother, sister, their significant other, mom, stepdad and niece.

Ahhhh. Welcome home.

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