A whirlwind

5:27 AM

Principe had a very important interview yesterday. And it went really well. They said he will have a formal offer within the next two weeks.

I am so excited for him and what this means for his career. It is a position that is interesting and hard, but suits him so perfectly it is almost like it was made just for him. And quite possibly it was as it is a new position. God is smiling on him, blessing him and the best thing about that is that we as his family get blessed as well.

It will mean a bigger salary. Always good.

It will mean more traveling for him....kind of a bummer, but there will be a lot of day trips so maybe not so bad.

It also means moving again.

It means changing COUNTRIES again.

This time the language is not one that I speak AT ALL. In fact I can't even READ it! But then, that might be kind of fun, trying to figure out if it is a can of beans or a can of a giant...back to picture reading and simple deduction! They say everyone there speaks English....but that won't stop me from trying to speak their language. Just as soon as I have time to learn it.

It might also mean that our third child will be born in a different country. Three children, three different countries of birth. That might be kinda cool.

Oh, yeah. I'm pregnant!

But I think instead Principe will negotiate us staying her until the end of the school year (and baby's birth) and him traveling back and forth.

So THAT means that for a few months I will be alone with my kids from Monday to Friday.

Whoah. Hold up. I might need to spend that more salary on a nanny. Except that it isn't enough for a nanny. Bummer. Cleaning lady? Maybe. Oooooh! Spoiled mommy alert! Except that being alone five days a week isn't very spoiled.

Then this summer we would move to our new country.

I'm a little sad about leaving. I have some friends here now and leaving would be a bummer. I like Toulouse and all it's conveniences. I like the language and being able to speak it more or less. I am comfortable here. I like it here.

But I am at peace about moving because I think it is the best thing for all of us in the end. We'll just have to wait for that formal offer.

Oh no! Does this mean I have to change the name of the blog?....

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