When you live in the city...

6:12 AM

 When you live in the city as a kid your Sunday's aren't always filled with trees and leaves and out door adventures. When you live in the city seeing a tree not surrounded by concrete doesn't happen every day.

 Sure there are park and such, but they are rarely filled with grass. And when there i grass mom rarely lets you roll around in it due to those people who don't pick up after their dogs. Gross!

 When you live in the city as a kid you can go months (or your entire life of two years!) without seeing a squirrel  run to get acorns and then run up the tree. And when you discover this small animal you probably will fall down in a fit of giggles at its unusual antics!
When you live in the city and on a Sunday your mom and dad take you outside of the city just to sit and be in nature.....wow! You realize just how cool and wonderful and beautiful God's green earth is! And you ask if you can stay forever...until you get sleepy and want your bed. But thank goodness a day like this also makes your mom and dad realize that we should go OUTSIDE of the city more often!

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