"What are you going to do...?"

7:12 AM

Nothing makes a stay-at-home mom feel more useless, more...okay, I'm going to say it: looked down upon, then the age old question of "what do you DO all day?"
  As if there aren't a billion things to do all day long. Seriously. Granted, being a stay-at-home mom is easier than the working moms with no help. I admit to that. But when I get that question from people who either a) don't have kids or b) have kids and have help I end up feeling a bit exasperated. Don't you?

  I am trying not to be easily offended these days and I take that vow seriously when I hear that question asked of me. In Spain during vacation I got that question from almost all of my friends because they just can't imagine what I am going to do with ALL my time with both girls in school. (Firecracker only goes 3 hours in the morning so.....) Principe must have noticed that I was a bit DONE with the questioning because towards the end of vacation he jumped in to tell them what I was going to be doing. I secretly laughed to myself afterwards because most of the time our friends would backtrack and and start stumbling for words as they realized they probably just asked something a bit insensitive!

  My point was never to make them feel bad, but I wonder too if sometimes my friend watch too many episodes of Desperate Housewives?!

 So, what AM I going to be doing? Well, first of all I will be finishing the editing of my book, finding an agent, convincing them that this is the BEST BOOK EVER, signing a contract and then go about the work of setting up a website and making sure all of you and your family and friends and friends friends BUY it. No small feat but totally doable. Because it is GOING to happen! :) After that is all done I may do some scrapbooking as I haven't been able to in awhile. But first, while doing all of the above I will be continuing to clean my house, feed my children, take them to school, dance class and speech class, do the shopping, make sure my husband is taken care of and MAYBE meet with a friend for coffee. 

  What are you going to do with all YOUR spare time? :)

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