school time, drool time!

11:48 AM

Queenie started her last year of Maternelle (preschool) here in Toulouse while Firecracker started her first year of Maternelle! The first days went excellently for Queenie. She was ready to go back, knew what was going on and even while we were driving home from Spain she expressed her wished for school to start again! She is a kid who loves routine, loves to know what is coming and what is going on and honestly I think summer is a bit overwhelming for her. She likes the structure of school and while at 7AM she complains that she just wants to watch cartoons, she hasn't shed one tear about it.
  Firecracker actually started a few days later (Queenie wouldn't take a picture until Firecracker could be in it!) and the first day went great. But this morning as we walked into the grouping area she started to fall apart. Her little face crumpled and she started to scream for MOMMY. Not good for my emotions, let me tell you! I thought the three hours were never going to end! But they did and when I picked her up she came out running saying she liked school! Queenie later told me that she found Firecracker crying on the playground but that she gave her a hug and then she was fine.
   "But then I said, 'Oh, no, sister, I don't wan to pway wif you! I wan to pway wif my friends!'"
  Hmmmmm. I am pretty sure Queenie is ready for high school and the task of ignoring her little sister while there!

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