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I am not sure that any of you remember my posts last year about Queenie and how we were trying to figure out what was wrong with her. On one hand we knew that there was nothing actually wrong with her, nothing really broken or destroyed or misplaced...except that she just wasn't like other kids her age. She had so many little ways of doing things, so many obsessions and so many things would either make her shut down or  go bizerk. We were at our wits end by the end of August because we just didn't know what to do.

   But then we read a certain book which helped us understand some things. And then we finally got the pediatrician to sign a referral for speech therapy. And little by little things started falling into place. And I really have to say that she is SUCH a good girl now. She understands things so much better, is able to communicate MUCH better and while she still has some quirks about her she no longer freaks out about getting dirty or having wet sleeves and no longer needs certain things in her pockets, backpack and hand to help her feel comfortable.

  So, honestly, for the last few months Principe and I have relaxed quite a bit, not feeling like we need to always be on the look out for what might make her freak out.

  Which means we were caught off guard last Saturday at her cousin's birthday party. Where there were 25 kids. (Seriously!) First, someone (trying to be nice) picked her up and plopped her on a chair for the snack. She doesn't like to be touched much and still hates it when adults do things like this. Which meant she refused to eat. Didn't matter if she was hungry or not. She was NOT eating. So she got down after I consented. And went outside. She didn't want to go back in because it was too loud. But she finally went in for the cake and singing. Which was too loud. She warned me that it was too loud and that she didn't like it, but I shrugged it off. She wouldn't eat cake. She wanted to go back outside. Several others were out there so I again consented. Then there was the piñata. The stuck all 25 children into a small room (so that the candy wouldn't go too far) and some girl thought it would be funny to start screaming. And the screaming caught on. Until suddenly all children were screaming and the doorway was blocked. I started panicking, and trying to get through, but the adults and children in the way couldn't very well hear my pleas to get by. At one point I caught sight of Queenie kneeling in the corner with her ears and face covered by her hands and arms. Then I saw Principe, who saw Queenie as well. He was the one who managed to get the kids to be quiet and the piñata was broken quickly, but Queenie didn't recover. It didn't matter how much her father tried, she couldn't stop the sobs. Not even chocolate pouring from the sky could get her to stop crying. Only her mom's arms and her Deedee in her own.

   We made our excuses and went home immediately much to Queenie's relief. Lesson learned. Again. On the bright side, as my mother pointed out, this means I won't have to throw any massive parties for her in the near future! I am thinking she would prefer a number between 3 and 6!

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