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12:12 PM

My big brother is a funny guy. He always has been. And I, as his little sister, was pretty much his biggest fan until he grew up and started dating. And still I think I was his biggest fan even then....!

When we were very little we went to school for a few months in the city. The school was about 30 minutes away but since there was another family who lived in our small town whose kids wen there we all decided to carpool.

The parents were happy with this, which then just left the happiness of us kids being cramped into small cars for half an hour in the morning and another half an hour in the afternoon.

But there was no reason to fear this ride because we had my big brother!

As the oldest of the kids he was allowed to sit in front with the driver with the smallest girl sitting in the middle up front/ Yep, the 80! And along with this privilege of being in the front seat he got center stage. Usually he would tell anecdotes or jokes but one day he started a story. I am pretty sure it started as a way to distract me from getting carsick. I can't remember the entire story but I do remember laughing. my. ass. off. It had something to do with a green knuckle sandwich and the microwave.....that is all I remember!

The amazing thing about this story was that he would pick up where he left off the day before. At that time in his life he really like the Choose Your Own Adventure books (you know, the one where you have to choose what is going to happen next and therefore go to that certain page. The trick was to choose correctly so that the book didn't end so soon or something...) Anyway, he decided to do the same thing and soon was giving us outrageous choices for the main character. Using our answer he would continue with the story.

Unfortunately the story ended the same day we were in a car accident. Someone hit us from behind and all I remember is the sensation of being thrown against my seat belt. None of the kids were too hurt but the driver (the mom of the other kids) already had back problems that were aggravated by the accident. When she was no longer able to carpool both her family and mine decided we could all go to public school in town and do just fine. And so ended the ongoing story of the knuckle sandwich.

It stinks that we never got in down on paper or on tape. it would be so great to look back and remember what the story actually was.

But as something that entertained us every single day for months it is a memory that always makes me smile. And always reminds me that I have a very funny big brother.

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