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 For my 30th birthday I determined to myself that I would start acting more like an adult. I still don't feel like an adult, but seriously, it is time to start acting like one. So my resolution for the year was to start "Finishing what I started".

  It sounds all easy and stuff, but it really isn't.

  Especially for someone who doesn't have a "problem" with leaving that notebook halfway peeking out from under the bed because the moment that I need it I know where it is. My house isn't a mess, certainly not, as I have a germ abhorrence, but I don't mind leaving the laundry to be folded left sitting in the basket for a day (or week) at a time. I don't mind the painting room being a mess. I don't mind toys on the floor, etc.

  But I have decided that all of that needs to stop. I needed to stop starting projects and then taking days to finish them. The large chest in the painting room is prime example. I painting the doors last summer and then took until this summer to paint the drawers. And no, it wasn't hard. In fact it took exactly half an afternoon!

  So, as I haven't exactly done a great job at completing my 30th year resolution I have started to look for the reason and I think it is that the resolution doesn't go quite deep enough. It isn't enough to just finish what I start, what I actually want in my life is less clutter; everything with a place and everything IN ITS PLACE.

  So that is what I have started to do. Following some advice from Terri Savelle Foy, I take encouragement from her videos on yourtube and am tackling my house and my projects. I finished the autumn wreaths and then put everything away. I still haven't found my autumn tree...but that is probably because last year I wasn't good at this stuff yet.......

  We cleaned up the girls room and everything now has a place. Now it is time for the painting room to get a bit more organized. It is also time that I finish sanding that sewing desk and re-stain it.....It perhaps, is also time that I stop taking on projects until I have finished the ones I have started......

  What about you? Do you finish everything that you start? Is your house pinterest style organized?

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