Do you hear what I hear?

12:40 AM

Mornings, by 9Am, things are pretty quiet around here. Quiet in the sense that there are no little girl screaming or laughing or crying. The only sound is the coffee percolating, the construction trucks rumbling up the street and the crazy loud motorcycles (because apparently the louder your motorcycle is the cooler you are...). Perhaps one can hear piano music in the background or maybe Terri Savelle Foy giving me a pep talk but mostly you are going to hear the keys on my computer clicking away. I am having a great time being able to work on my book. I really appreciate the opportunity to sit down, child-free, for a few hours and just hash out my mind onto paper. Of course this means that many things go the wayside too. For instance, you will not hear the toilet being scrubbed or the dishes being put away or the floors being vacuumed. That you will hear later....right now mommy is working. Shhhhhhhh.

At noon I come home with a two year old in hand. And she is LOUD! She is either telling me all about how she went pee-pees at school or how she did something with something purple or she is crying and telling me that she is sleepy. Or she is demanding a sandwich with chips and Donald Duck. There is usually a time for play and a quick tantrum before we read a few books and she goes off to sleep. And then you will start hearing some of those cleaning noises coming from my house. Because it has to be at some point, right? As much as I would love to never clean.....

At four we get sister. She is usually pretty whiny at this point (on two different allergy meds so you can imagine that she is TIRED. Besides, it is a looooong day at school. 8:40-4:00). Queenie usually wants to watch a movie after school, but we are nixing that habit so for the past few days the noises are either of her asking me over and over and over and over and over and over again why she can't have my iphone or watch a movie or she is rough housing with her sister. Which usually leads to one of them crying. Usually that is Queenie. After a quick dinner (and quite a few sighs on my part as well as some. "LEAVE HER ALONE!" "NO PULLING HAIR!") we head to the park if we didn't right after school. And they run in circles while I check my email but never reply. And then I look at all the pretty DIY projects on pinterest that I will never accomplish. I yell again for Firecracker not to pull hair and then I drag them home. There is usually a temper tantrum or two while we do baths and teeth and then on to books. If papa comes home too late we have a fit of giggles and playtime that leads to sulking when mommy puts an end to it. The day is recapped to papa in two year old speech with a splash of four year old memory. Then again books are read, prayers are said and  girls are put to bed. Then all you can hear is the whir of the air purifier and mommy complaining that she is tired.

What about you? Do you hear what I hear?

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