The BLESSING is at work

10:22 AM

Two very exciting pieces of news has happened to this small family here in Toulouse this week. This two little tidbits are super exciting to me and somewhat exciting to Principe. The girls don't know nor would they care or understand. The best thing is that it is GOOD news!

   But I am not going to tell you what they are.

  Mostly because it is good news and lately in the dark world of the world wide web I don't see too much good reaction to good news if it is happening to another person other than you. You being each and everyone of us as individuals.
  Isn't it strange that we can't seem to be happy for one another? Isn't it strange that when we share good news we are called selfish or prideful or showoffs? People get offended that we dare say the good things happening to us because they are only going through bad times. And while I hate that people are going through bad times and do not wish to every sound boastful, it still seems strange to me that we can't be happy for one another. Even if you don't believe in the Biblical message of "you reap what you sow" most people believe in that saying, whether they call it karma or what have you.

  So, when we can't be happy for one another aren't we only going to reap unhappiness? Isn't karma going to kick us in the butt with more darkness and crap?

  At any rate I am happy and I feel joy this week for my two little prizes of the BLESSING working in my life. How about you? Any good news? If you want to share I will respond with happiness for you because I want to reap happiness myself. Had enough unhappiness in my life as it is! So go ahead and share and we can be happy together!

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