Something I'm good at

10:55 AM

This week Mama Kat has a prompt to write about something that we are good at. Obviously I am great at many things, you know! For one, nagging. For another, procrastinating. For another.....

But let's not be so negative! There is one thing that I am really pretty good at. To the point that I always leave my husband quite impressed. Ha! Not that! This is a PG site!

No, I am good at reading people. Scarily good.

I have always loved watching people and seeing that their reactions are to things. What is a real bummer is becoming an adult and knowing that staring is socially UNacceptable! Still, I try to watch people without making it obvious.

In high school my best friend and I used to watch people and make up stories as to why they were having certain reactions. For example: if it looked like in the car next to us the girl was screaming at the guy we would make up a story about her jealousy.  :) We did this quite often and became pretty good at coming up with an entire story with plots, climaxes and endings for the future.

Fast forward a few years and I suddenly become an advice giver to one of Principe's best friends because when he asked my opinion about something I not only gave it but nailed on the head the reasons why he was doing it and why it led to him feeling the way he did. I am happy to say that it helped!

When there was a certain discussion between some people that we know, Principe became quite upset with one side of it. I sat him down and explained certain things about that person, certain things about the other person and why there was this dynamic between them. He was pretty much left with nothing to say because it made sense.

Obviously it is a good trait to have when you are a writer. Watching people is part of our job. Understanding people is part of our job. And placing people and their characteristics in certain situations to see how they will react IS our job! I think it is a God given talent to see all sides to everything and to be able to understand people and why they react to things. I understand personality differences and can see right away what reactions the circle of people around me are going to have.

This is not to say that I am such a sensitive soul that I tip-toe around people or don't do certain things because of what other people will say or do. No, I also have a bit of a rebellious side to me and am quite capable of turning out my sympathy meter. Something to work on I guess.

But if you are ever in the mood to make up a story about why that mom in the park is at the park at 1pm wearing a 250 Euro dress (on sale) on the phone the entire time and skinnier than I have ever been in my life while still having 2 children and a third on the way, well, I am your gal. We'll write a story about her amazing life together!

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