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August with a Spanish husband usually means using up our vacation. We go see the family in Spain, we go to the beach apartment in Valencia and try to just relax while we go out way too much taking full advantage of having willing babysitters in our midst. Over here in Europe, while my hubby works crazy hours (usually coming home around 9 or 10pm) he does get a ridiculous amount of vacation (about a month!).
   And so we take almost a month off entirely. Last week we took the week in France with his brothers and their kids. It was hilarious to see them all together and especially to hear what the older ones had to say to one another. I would pass it on, except that it was all in Spanish and it loses the funny through the translation....
  The unfortunate thing was that we were in the area in France where they have the most castles and we only go to see one. Going to see castles is actually not the easiest thing with 6 children under the age of 4! So I need to go back! And see some more castles!
  Now we are at the beach and the girls are loving it! I hope to put up some pics soon, but we don't have internet. (I am paying for internet now like the olden days at a hotel!) So, give me a few days and I will get some pics up!

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