Worst things about being an expat

10:29 AM

1. Very Looooooooong plane trips. We are talking come 24 hour or more trips here. With lost luggage included.

2. Sometimes we spend a little too much time together....!

3. The holidays are always what you want or expect. Kinda gotta go with the flow even when you are aching to be home!

4. Some culture's food is a little too.....in your face....

5. At times our dress code isn't what the natives expect or understand. But we are okay with being original!

6. Three languages can be a lot!

7. It isn't always fun to figure out the new medical system. It certainly isn't fun to have a doctor yell at you in a language you barely understand with no way for you to answer back. No fun at all.

8. The holidays I grew up with are usually spent without external family.

9. Grandparents miss out on the kids growing up.

10. You can feel far away from it all. It is certainly lonely at times.

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