Train insane or remain the same

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train insane or remain the same tank

   Ever since March I have been working out about five times a week at least. I started Insanity and then found a very peppy Cassey Ho on youtube who has helped me tone certain spots up and I am feeling AWESOME! 
   I have always like working out but in these last few months I have found out that I wasn't always working out right and I think that has led to some injuries like my knee problem last summer.
  My biggest mistake? Not working out my big leg muscles thinking that they were big enough. 
  I have big leg muscles. Big calves. Big thighs. And I always thought that if I worked them out too much they would get even bigger. But guess what? If you don't work them they just get flabby and not any smaller and then can cause problems due to their weakness. Hence a knee problem. My knee cap was being pulled in one direction instead of having support all around it. EEEK!
  Anyway, the other day I went to get a check up and was so proud when the doctor told me to flex my thigh and I could see the outline of my muscles! So cool! Because, well, I am going to have big thighs anyway, so why not make them muscular? My goal is to be strong and stay strong so I have taken on Cassey Ho's anthem of "Train insane or remain the same" although I think it should say..."or slowly get fatter and flabbier!" but that doesn't sound as good. 
   Anyway, my results from working out for the last three months is.......
 ....drumroll please!!!!!!
   -2" from my wait!
  -1.75" from my lower abs
  -2" from my hips/butt area!
My thighs haven't lost any inches, but they are stronger than they were, so here is to hoping they lose something soon! But yea! I am excited to go to the beach!

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