My last complaint

3:19 AM

This is a bit embarrassing.

And it might give you the wrong impression of me and my marriage.

But here goes....

My last complaint to my husband was that we never have sex.


I said it.

And now he is going to get mad.....

Ever since he started training to run a marathon we rarely have sex. Now, that is something pretty usual for a marriage with small children and such. I know. But the thing that started to get to me was that he STOPPED asking for it! A friend of mine here is in the same spot. Her husband is training for the half ironman.

We have a theory: all that exercise is draining them of energy and testosterone.

In my case too though I suspect that my hubby is looking into when I am fertile and when I am not and therefor avoiding certain days. Just a theory, one that he disclaims, but I am still convinced of.

What happened to resolve the complaint?

Well, after a few days of groaning about it and hurting his man-pride my complaint was put to rest. Until next month. Ha! He thought it would keep me from opening my big mouth but I have found something that works, I told him, and I am going to use it until this darn marathon is over and things go back to normal.

Normal being that he asks for it and I refuse it.

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