Drive me crazy

8:30 AM

Okay, who is singing Britney Spears in their head now? Or is that showing my age. I am pretty sure Britney and I are the same age....but that is just a side note....

Anyway, I think the heat is getting to me.It isn't even as hot as last year but man I am CRABBY! Not all the time, but I certainly have a short fuse and very little energy. This last weekend I had a hard time not screaming and throwing a two year old fit over nothing and yet everything. What are the latest things that drive me crazy?

1. Mirror licking. Why? I ask. Why must you lick my mirrors? Why?

2. Me being the only one able to find anything. Like the checkbook that was Or the doodoo that is slightly buried under a pillow, or the shampoo that happens to be in the other corner of the shower....Why is it impossible for anyone else to actually unzip, open a door, pick up a know, LOOK FOR IT!

3. Every time I sit down for any reason there is someone telling me to get up. Every time I pick up a book there is someone wanting to have a conversation or needing more milk or borrrrred.

4. Having to feed my children, actually making something and then them eating two bites. I know it is hot, I know half the time we all don't want to eat, but if I can make dinner in the heat, you can darn well eat it!

5. Motorcycles popping. Or no mufflers on the car or motorcycle. Not. A. Fan.

6. Tattle telling. Yes, we have moved in and are quite comfortable in the world of tattle-telling in this house. And quiet honestly I just might move out.

7.My children turning a deaf ear to me. This happens all the time. But these days it drives me batty. Seriously batty.

8. People getting on or complaining about others. I mean, who cares who parents in what way and how? Who cares what political side they are on or not? Who cares? Why can't we just have a BBQ without complaining about everyone?

9. Firecracker needing milk 7 times a day and only drinking it from one specific bottle. Which is now broken. And only sold in the States. Isn't the world small enough now to have the same bottles everywhere?

10.People on the street getting out the way of my runaway toddler but then blocking me running behind her. If you are going to block anyone, why wouldn't you block the toddler?

I need winter. And instead we are going to Spain. 100 degrees, here we come! At least there we have a pool big enough to hold adults too. Sometimes it just isn't fun to watch them play in the paddle pool and not being able to get in yourself!

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