Bomb threat

9:39 AM

Today the girls were excited because we were going to meet our friends at the indoor park. It has a restaurant there, you see, so us moms like to go every once and awhile so we can chat almost in peace. Almost.
  My big idea was to get ready and have my girls there before everyone else. They always want to stay longer, leaving me desolate in the chairs while they run and scream because everyone else has been able to convince their kids to go home. So I thought I would reverse it and sit alone and desolate for half and hour before everyone got there.
  The plan was working too, until I heard Queenie cry out the name of the girl we were meeting and then asked me why she and her mommy were walking away. I didn't know. But I DID notice a lot of police around outside. I wondered if it was career day at the day care and they were showing them an evacuation or something. I know, that doesn't make sense, but I wondered just for a second....and then my phone rang.

"Are you at home?" my friend asks.
"Nope! We are here!"
"Oh, well, get out. They just evacuated the guarderie because of a bomb threat."
"What? Okay. They haven't come here yet but I will pack up, Thanks."

And that was just the moment when Firecracker decided she was stuck. She goes trough that stinking maze about 50 times every time we come, but at that moment she was having a two year old moment and wanted me to get her out. I am huge though for the maze and instead tried to coo, command, direct, plead. But nothing worked. A worker came over.

"We need to leave the building."
"Oui, je sais, but my kid can't get out!"

The worker is much shorter/tinier than me and manages to get Firecracker out while I pack up our things. And there is no going back. Queenie whimper about having to leave, Firecracker is crabby and upset, the tension in the air outside keeps all the kids, including mine, from having a temper tantrum. Of course, once we get out into the sunshine and away from all the cops....well, then we have a melt down.....

I know, mom, I know, I should just move to the States!

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