You know you're a mom when....

5:38 AM

Mama's Losin' It

10....You have the diaper bag packed and ready at any moments notice, but then decide for the half an hour that you are going to speech therapy you can leave it. Only to come home with a diaperless toddler.

9....You find it a normal part of life to wipe poop from another person's butt.

8.....Vomit all over you is no longer the worst thing that could be all over you.

7.....Your television is used only for cartoons.

6.....You iPhone has more toddle games on it than you have people in the agenda.

5.....You find it almost impossible to go out with people and not talk about your kids. In fact, trying to stifle the urge only gives you an expression that is confused for constipation.

4.....You talk or sing while on the street to the screaming toddler in your stroller. Can he hear you? Nope. But you sing anyway!

3....You go out for a Friday night and trudge up the stairs feeling like a zombie and it is only 10:30.

2....Your have to ask your two year old where your phone. You jog her memory by reminding her that she was last one with it, watching Donald Duck.

1...Your kisses have magical healing power!

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