weekends alone

11:40 AM

I don't like it when Principe isn't here on the weekends. Weekends in downtown Toulouse are a bit sacred among the expats as many of our hubbies travel a lot during the week. We have just made this unsaid rule of having the weekends for family time which makes me feel bad about calling anyone to play. Who wants to play with a friend when they could play with their papa? I know that age will come and go fast so I don't really want to be the one to take away a certain Saturday from a father.
 So we are just us girls this weekend. Going to the park. Chillin at home. Can I admit that I am at a bit of a loss? Everything is crowded on Saturday (an awful situation with a two year old who thinks she is old enough to do anything she wants..... like run away from me in a crowded store.) and everything is closed on Sunday.
  What to do, What to do...
  Face paint!

  It was all fun and games until a certain two year old rubbed her face into my newly finished chairs because she didn't like her flower, but it was when four year old arms ran down the hallway dangerously close to the wall that I decided it was bathtime. By then Queenie had had 4 rounds of cleaning and repainting and Firecracker had multiple layers and my face was starting to itch. But it kept us occupied.
  And now, what to do tomorrow......?

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