A shocking letter

7:24 AM

This morning while eating breakfast Principe opened the mail from yesterday. In the stack was a letter from Queenie's school. The letter was in answer to a newspaper article that we hadn't seen (as neither one of us really reads the French newspapers) in which the school was cited.
  The newspaper article wasn't about test scores or bad cafeteria food or a teacher/student affair. No. This article was about the man who shot up a Jewish school a few months ago. Remember that? Yes, Toulouse, France. That was my city. And this newspaper article said that this young man admitted to wanting to do the same to a private Catholic school and named Queenie's school  as the one he had planned on shooting. Then he cited the small streets and car congestion as a few reasons why he didn't go through with it. Besides the fact that the French SWAT teams surrounded him pretty quickly after the school shooting.
   Principe was really shocked, but I read the letter and felt a peace about me. When the news of the Jewish school shooting came out I was at a friend's house. When I got home I walked the unusually quiet streets to pick up Queenie, praying all the way. The huge front doors were closed, which was unusual, but obviously understandable. I stood in front and outlined those doors with my eyes, all the while praying the Blood of Jesus over them. Then I turned, picked up Queenie and went home. Everyday until the man was eventually shot dead we walked to school in prayer, pleading the Blood of Jesus.
  And I knew that nothing was going to happen to my girl or her school. I was given peace.
  I know that many of you don't understand this and don't want to. Many of you probably think I am crazy and might even stop reading my blog, but I will tell you, there is nothing like feeling PEACE when reading a letter like I just read instead of panic, shock, horror. I have learned (and am still learning) about God's love for us, for his desire to protect us and I am so grateful that in times like those (when a crazy man has a gun, for example) I have something to fall back on that isn't fear. Because I have been afraid too much in my life and I am over it. It doesn't help anything and makes my heart skip beats. Not cool.

  If you want to learn what I am learning I would encourage you to go here: www.kcm.org

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