I think I am melting

6:36 AM

What do you do with kids during those hours that it is too hot to go outside and it is too hot to nap peacefully and it is too hot to play and it is too hot to not play and it is just. too. hot. ? What do you do?

It isn't that it is so much hotter than many other places on earth, but the humidity here is incredible. Or made it is just incredible for those of us who need some magical treatment for back sweat. Either way, for me, this heat is getting to be unbearable.

Yesterday, three minutes into my pilates workout I had beads of sweat dripping from my forehead, hair, chest and arms. Seriously. And I still hadn't gotten to the hard part.

So, as today is Wednesday, Queenie is home from school for the afternoon (we end school in a few more days) and she is too hot for anything. She survived a five minute painting session but has since sprawled out on my bed in order to do nothing. Or rather to play with the iphone. Apparently it is not too hot for that. Unfortunately for mama, it is too hot to workout during naptime. So that will have to wait until the sun goes down. Or comes up again. Either one.

Tomorrow we go in for the dreaded pediatric dentist appointment for Queenie's broken tooth. While she claims she will be a big girl, not cry and WILL OPEN HER MOUTH, Principe and I are not so sure and are  dreading the whole thing.

In other news, Firecracker is potty trained! Decided to go cold turkey on her as I knew she was ready but just needed a shove. she went to playschool for three hours today and no accident and repeats to herself that diapers are for sleeping and that the pee-pees don't go on the floor! Hey, whatever works! Although I guess she could just use the excuse that it is too hot to use the toilet and I wouldn't have any come back because I need to go take another shower!

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