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5:22 AM

    Moving is hard.
   I read and hear that all the time on blog or forums in the States. And it is hard. It is lonely. But, honestly, you don't know what moving is until you move to another country where you don't speak the language. At least in States, even when you move from East to West or North to South, while there may be some cultural and scenery changes, it is still the same country and there are certain things you can rely on. The rules for school, shopping, doctor visits, dental visits, parks, etc, pretty much apply every where. As do the places in which you go to find friends at our age (let's jut group us all in the age group of: MOM!). It is either at work, or homeschooling group or playgroup, or church or PTA or school outings or the park or simply the nicest neighbor on your street.
    All of that changes when you switch countries. You no longer know where to go because there aren't any playgroups. Or not that you know about. At the park you don't speak the language, at church no one socializes and while the other moms at school are friendly, they quickly learn that you can't keep up too well on a simple conversation!
    Throw in having a baby within the first few months of getting here while already having a two year old who thinks the world revolves around her, and you have one lonely, frustrated mommy.
    It took me one year to find a friend I could text and meet up with at the park on a pretty regular basis. Then she moved. It took me another two months to find another friend. It took me two years and two months from the day we moved here to find my "click" friend. You know the one that could practically be your sister? The one that is so easy to talk to you both can't believe you haven't known each other all your lives? Then, literally, a few months later, I found another friend who is also a "click" friend.
   My husband now calls me Leticia (The princess of Spain) because I "have a fuller agenda than the princess herself"!
   It in't true because mom stuff still comes first over everything and as I once again have a two year who think the world revolves around her, sometimes coffee or lunch gets cuts shorter than us moms would like. But that is a problem we can all live with!

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