Koala bears

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When I was in Fourth grade we were assigned to give a presentation on our favorite animal. There was a written part and an oral part. My selection for this project was easy: Koala bears. I loved koala bears at the time. I have no idea how this fascination came about, but I was hooked. Even received a stuffed Koala for Christmas. The unfortunate thing was that another girl also wanted to present on koala bears. And for some reason Mrs. McMann said that she could. Or maybe she said that I could. At any rate the class was going to live through two thrilling presentations on koala bears.
   The other problem for me was that the other girl was the smartest girl in our class. She was the one who's mom made her sit down immediately upon coming home to do her homework. She was the one who never got less than an A. She was my friend at the time and while we didn't spend a whole lot of time together I knew enough about her routine at home to know that her presentation was going to kick fourth grade butt. So I decided to spice mine up a bit.
   I bought some cardboard and cut out the shapes. I bought some gray faux fur and pasted it to the shapes. I bought some brads and made the arms and legs MOVABLE! I know! Where was pinterest back than? I would have been the fourth grade STAR of that sight.
  And then I set to work on the written and later the oral presentation. But for some reason, and still to this day I don't know how, I missed the part about the koala's having their pouches on their backs. I assumed they were in front like the kangaroo and so made my little DIY project the same. No where in my presentation was this little fact. I was disappointed however to learn that they aren't very cuddly....
   At any rate I was first to present. The oral part went well. Then there were questions. Everyone liked my little koala guy but of course my bff had to ask where the pouch was. So I proudly showed her. Then it was the other girl's turn. She started her presentation off my telling the class that koala's have their pouches on their backs and not on their stomach's. She wasn't mean about it. She actually avoided eye contact with me and said it all rather quietly. I had no doubt it was part of her presentation, but I was still MORTIFIED! I think my jaw physically dropped to my desk. I remember seeing the teacher look at me. Then it was my turn to avoid eye contact.
   My paper was given back a few days later with an A- and a question about why I didn't say anything about their pouches except that the babies live in there for awhile. GEEZ! But I did learn something that I will never forget: when giving a presentation on an animal, ALWAYS be sure to find out a) if they have a pouch and b) where said pouch is physically located!

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