A voice of her own

10:08 AM

Queenie's real name is easily shortened. In fact, the shortened version is the French equivalent to her true name. I use her shortened name quite often, especially when I am in a hurry. And I am in a hurry quite often. I am trying to learn to slow down a bit, but in the meantime Queenie has taken to telling me that her name is not **, but ****. She places quite the emphasis to the accent and won't allow me to continue talking until I say her name correctly.
  I have to say, although I am usually annoyed at being interrupted, I am happy that my shy little girl is finding her voice to let her preferences be known. It is good to feel comfortable enough to tell me and others that she prefers her real name. I see this as a stepping stone for her having the courage to voice her future thoughts and preference as well, those "important" and those "less so".
  So, now it is at the top of my list to call her by her real name. It takes practice to change a habit, so I still get correctly at least once a day, but then, I could just start calling her by her blog name "Queenie"......But I bet my princess-obsessed little girl would want to then legally change her name.....

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