Today you turn two

12:59 PM

Dear Firecracker,
  Today you are two. You woke up this morning at 6:30am, something you haven’t done in weeks. Usually a bottle of milk can get you back to sleep quickly, but there was no such luck today. Queenie woke up at 6:45 and while you stayed in bed with Papa, once you figured out the television was on, there was no getting you to stay still.
  After cartoons your first order of the day was to refuse to get dressed. And you certainly weren’t going to go pee-pees on the potty. Not until Papa read you five or ten books. Then you were okay with potty time, but it took another ten minutes to get you dressed in your fairy outfit. While you liked your pretty “dress” the wings were not allowed to be placed on. Your eyes looked to the very corners of their sockets at those yellow wings for a second while your right hand reached across your chest, grabbed hold and yanked hard. It took a few circles around yourself, but those crazy wings finally came off. And the screaming stopped. Goodness you like to scream about everything.
   Pancakes for breakfast. It went over rather well, although you didn’t quite finish and insisted on watching Caillou through the whole things. Which is something your father and I really must stop giving in to. But it was your birthday, after all.
    Next we watered the plants. You danced around with the empty watering pot and were generally cute for a good half an hour. You an Queenie allowed me to take photos, you danced with Papa and ran through the dining room curtain about twenty times before Papa and I decided to tackle teeth brushing. There was just one problem: a terrible smell was coming from your diaper. The moment you realized that we realized this you ran away. When Papa caught you, you screamed. And kept screaming. And kept fighting. And cried for me, but even though I sat next to you, you still screamed and wiggled and squirmed. So, off to the corner you went. In your two year old anger you hit Papa in the face hard and receive and quick smack on the butt as punishment. The crying could be heard four blocks down but you didn’t get much sympathy from anyone but your sister. Soon after you politely allowed Papa to clean your poo smeared butt without any more incidences.
  And off we went on the bikes.
  At the park you were good, although you showed your “boy” side and played with everything dirty. The best thing was that your stomach decided it had a little more caca to get out and while you didn’t scream about getting changed this time you did pee on yourself like a newborn when it’s who-ha gets a breeze of fresh air. Needless to say, your Papa and I were quite disgusted at the state of our daughter, but couldn’t help laughing our own little butts off.
   Cake and presents came after naps. This year the theme was Dora and Botas, your favorite cartoon at the moment besides Caillou. You wore a Dora and Botas shirt, had a Dora and Botas Happy Birthday Garland hung at the fireplace and on your rainbow cake covered in white icing lay a large paper Dora and Botas with small medallions of each character stuck in the sides of the six-story square cake. Your sister sang the Happy Birthday song in all three languages with Yayo Angel and Abuela Teresa watching through Skype. The first present was a baby doll carrying basinet with a packet of two bottles. Right away Queenie went to get the babies and the two of you got carried about with carrying for them. To the point that you didn’t even notice the cake. Good thing I was in the kitchen rapidly trying to get the pizza in the oven and had no intention of serving your cake until after dinner was eaten. But when Queenie was heard to say, “No, I’ll show you, like this Firecracker” as she showed you how to run your fingers across the cake side and suck the sugary goodness from said fingers we decided it was time for cake. A video and three songs later in English, Spanish and French we each had a piece of “lots of colors cake like a rainbow” as your sister christened it. You ate the frosting. And threw a fit when I cut your cake into chunks. I had to give you mine to keep the peace.
  Then pizza. Then a visit with Binka through skype and another present. This time scooter. Your eyes lit up as you screamed, “Look, Binka! Look! A tooter”. While Papa put it together you decided to directly disobey my prompting to go potty and peed on the floor. So you took a shower and as usual you threw a temper tantrum upon getting out that took a few minutes to get you out of. Meanwhile your sister was using your scooter.
   When it was your turn for the scooter you liked it, but wanted to be pushed. When you scootered towards Monkey, picked him and your baba up, then hopped back on and waited to be pushed I guessed you were just about worn out by all the excitement. So the scooter was put aside for tomorrow and you spent the last hour of your day watching Little Einstein. Not because I wanted to allow you to, but because when you gave such a stink about it being turned off after half an hour Papa caved and let you watch more. In fact it was probably more like an hour and a half all together, but who’s counting? Tomorrow it is back to being an everyday kid, although it is Easter so we might have to deal with sugar high screams. And fights over who gets the new scooter as your sister has declared her old one “caca”.
  Should be fun. Just another day in our house. That is why I am going to bed at 9:30. I want to make sure I have enough energy to get through it.
 Happy Birthday, girly! I love you so much!

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