Ten things I miss about living alone

5:05 AM

10. Watching the news instead of Dora the Explorer

9. Not having to vacuum every day.

 8. Sleeping all. through. the. night.

 7. Not having to make two meals; one kid approved and the other for me.

 6. I can make my own mess and everything will stay where I placed it.

 5. No one walking in on me while in the bathroom or shower.

 4. Not having to worry about what time I need to get home while having a glass of wine with my girls.

 3. Listening to the music I want to listen to and not being told to "stop singing, mommy!"

 2. Not stepping on blocks or chips while walking through the house.

 1. Not having to clean up poop from the bathroom floor that Firecracker dropped from her panties and then stepped in.

Of course if I never stopped living alone I would have missed this:

This post was prompted from Mama Kat's pretty much World-Famous writing workshop.

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