Labyrinth of Merville

12:27 AM

       They said there were 50,000 eggs hidden throughout the maze. We thought it would be a good idea to do with the little girls. So we went. And looked for eggs. At the door they asked each person to only take 12 eggs. We thought that wasn't very much, but agreed to the terms. After an hour had passed we wondered if we were going to get to 12 per child. Another hour later we broke for lunch and each girl had three. Hmmm. As our friend said, "This might be the most amazing maze ever but I wouldn't know it because I have become obsessed with finding B more eggs."
    Us adults literally started walking with our heads down. I held tightly to my camera but forgot to take pictures until I saw these faces: 

Firecracker is literally saying, "Where da eggs? No more eggs?"

Resting. Or trying to poop. Never know with a toddler...

Finally, a shot of the maze. This is after lunch when the sun was finally out!

After we found some more eggs we took a few hours to enjoy the scenery. It really is cool. The maze is huge and the whole garden allows your imagination to wander back to the times of princesses and duke, being able to see how one lived. It certainly is worth going back. Even if you do only get 12 eggs!

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