I never thought

12:14 AM

Today over at Mama Kat's (Pretty Much World-Famous) Writing Workshop she had the prompt to finish this sentence, "I thought my child was going to _______, but instead he/she ________"

Here's my take on it.

When I knew that Principe was the one for me and started on my adventure of convincing him to buy me a ring I KNEW that my children were going to be bi-lingual. The plan was to move to Spain for crying out loud. The next step in the plan was to allow me to stay home, so some sort of English they would learn. Hmmmm, A type of English where that last sentence is okay....but you know, ENGLISH. So there was Spanish and English.  But I had NO IDEA that instead they would be tri-lingual with English (of course it is first!), Spanish and French. Take a look:


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