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It's been raining too long in this town. One of the problems of having my awesome apartment in the center of town is not having a yard. Not having a yard means that on they all claim it will rain all. day. long. and while it does rain on and off and on and off, it isn't really all day long for a toddler. All day would be fine, but when a toddler looks outside and longs to have the freedom to run and jump and play it is hard to explain the situation. Twice in the last few days we have quickly put on our jackets and shoes only to be greeted with cold rain a few minutes after getting outdoors. And then there is just saying no as the gray clouds roll in only to find that is doesn't rain for the next four hours. Thank goodness for a very long hallway where they can run and kick the ball and ride on their scooters.

   But today was kind of a bummer of a day. We did get stickers and they did get to run to the dollar store (okay, 2 Euro store. Everything in France is more expensive...!) But I woke up with swollen glands and the rain came and went and came again and everything about it was just blah. I guess it doesn't help that everyone is on antihistamine making us all tired and wanting to watch tv. Also, the fact that my mouse randomly places the cursor where ever it is every two seconds is making me want to through this whole computer out the window. Two paragraphs and ten minutes later...if there are strange spellings in here, sorry. We need a new computer....
    And I need it to stop raining. I need sunshine. I need the girls to run. I need to feel energy soaking through our skin. I need the sunshine. Plus, I put all my winter stuff away when it was 70 degrees out ten days ago and now we are back to 50 degrees. What is that about? I don't have clothes out for that kind of change. Errr. And spending the day in sweats only adds to the lazy, sleepy attitude. 

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