Bummer start to the weekend

1:18 PM

Did you know that Toulouse has a serious problem with bike theft? No, we didn't really either until today when we decided to take our bikes out. We take our bikes out almost every single weekend and sometimes during the week. Several times we have told each other that the bikes were "our best purchase ever." The girls love riding on them and we love the idea of  seeing the city and getting a bit of exercise.
  The bikes are perfect for a day like today when we had a few small errands to run that happened to be far from each other. It isn't worth getting into the car for them but could also take way too long if we did them walking. Bikes:the perfect solution.
  Our last errand before the park was the market. We got down from the bikes, put them together and chained them to the bike stand. Off we went to buy veggies as quickly as possible. We couldn't have been in the market for more than 25 minutes when we decided we were done. As we walked back to the bikes I noticed something was wrong right away. The gray bike was on the floor. The helmets were on the floor. And the white bike WAS NOT THERE.
    The chain was cut clean through.
    Seriously, the first thought I had as I looked on in disbelief was: why did they steal our bike with a baby seat and not that one right there?
   How selfish can one get?
   The stress of the whole thing caused a bit of a tiff between Principe and I. I went walking home mad with my tail between my legs while he took the bike to fill out a police report. Things are fine and calm now, but we are still without a bike. But we have a plan. One told to us by the Marie of Toulouse (town hall). You won't believe their advice. Ready?
     ....Go to the market tomorrow at Saint Sernin and see if you can find someone SELLING your STOLEN bike there. You can usually BUY your bike back for 20-30Euro. Or, if you have a way to prove that it is your STOLEN bike, many times they will hand it over without problems.
     I'm like ...WHAAAAAA? My mouth is still hanging open. But guess where we are going tomorrow morning?

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