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   When we Queenie was about seven months old we moved out of our one bedroom apartment in Madrid into a small two-bedroom apartment with a real kitchen. (YEA!) We were excited to have finally found one we could afford in a semi-nice area with a pool! No air conditioning, but, well, we haven't had air conditioning since moving to Europe.....
   Digressing, moving from our furnished one-bedroom into an unfurnished two-bedroom required some shopping, in the cheapest way possible.  That is when we found out that chairs are worth their weight in gold! HOLY COW they are expensive! We answered an ad from craigslist for chairs and ended up with 6 and a small dining room table for 90 Euro. Unbelievably cheap! And 6 chairs! We could have people over without someone pulling up the rocking chair to eat dinner! 
   They weren't the prettiest chairs and they were pretty old, but hey, whatever. They were chairs. So life went on and Queenie kept growing and soon needed a booster seat. What we didn't think about was that the chairs don't actually have wood on the seat part, just foam and elastic bands to keep our bottoms up. So pretty soon the booster seat broke into the foam and the seat fell through. Hmmmmmm. Bummer. Then one day another seat gave out in the elastic when I at on it. (thankfully the fabric is stapled to the chair, otherwise I would have gone right through! And then, I don't remember how or when, but another seat gave out. Now we have three that look like this and are rather uncomfortable to sit on:

     We went to a man here to ask how much it would be to fix them. He said 35 Euro each. Not too much, really, but we would have to do all 6 to have them matching and they really aren't worth investing that much money into. On the other hand, with our other IKEA furniture and such we aren't ready to buy nice chair without a nice dining room table. And the IKEA one is fine for right now. (We have this idea that the day we BUY a house we will go out and buy NICE furniture!) The other option is to buy cheap chair. But I don't want to. So I decided I would fix them.....
   WTHWIT? In actual words: WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING? Would you have known that there are over 200 staples in just one chair? Would you have known it is super hard to find foam and elastic bands? Remember now, I live in an apartment. No garage or basement or backyard. I have to sand in my craft room while running the air purifier and vacuum. I can't spray paint, I have to hand paint and I can't figure out how to buy wood in the shape of the seat to make things easier for me! Now I have five chairs at the table and one sitting naked in the craft room and my mind is drawing a blank. In the States I would have a car and would know to go directly to my Stepdad or Dad to have them cut the wood and show me what to do. Or Home Depot if I lived far from either of them. Here, we went to one store the other day and they had nothing I was looking for. So, what do I do now?

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