My favorite spot

8:54 AM

This is my favorite part of my girls's room, this little doll hanging on their wall. I received it last Christmas from my grandmother, about 25 years later than she bought it. My mother and father went through a messy divorce when I was two. Messy might not be the right word, but things were bad. My mother refused contact. The doll was received and sent back, I never knew about it. But my grandmother kept it, hoping that one day she would be able to see me and give it to me. I almost cried when she presented the small package to me along with the story. It saddens me that my grandfather didn't get to be there when I got it. My grandmother told me that they thought about where it would hang above my crib when they bought it together, but my wall was never graced with it's presence or the love that came with it.
  Now it graces the wall in my girls's room above their books. It hangs tall and proud. Every time I see it I smile and believe in hope again. Hope and love. Because that is what brought me back to my father and grandmother after all those years past.

This post was inspired by Mama Kat's writing workshop.

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