Marché des Foies (Liver Market)

1:10 PM

We went to the Marché des Foies today in Gimont, France. Principe's boss invited u last year but we ended up being busy, so this year Principe made sure we were able to go. I gotta tell you, I wasn't that excited. I thought it was just a yearly thing and was going to be a much bigger deal with hundreds of dead duck and geese and their livers all about. Actually it runs for about 5 months every Sunday, so it isn't as big of a deal as I had imagined in my head. Still, it doesn't thrill me to see things like this. I am getting more and more used to it as this i just how animals are sold over here and many other places in the world. I am even getting to the point were I see the irony in us Americans and what we eat versus what we see. I am still not to the point were I will buy and cut up a duck like it is my Sunday business and I think Queenie agrees with me. (The dead duck head were right at her eye level and before she got over her shyness of being with new people she pulled me down and whispered "I don't want to be here" while eying the duck heads! Principe's boss say her looking and made the beak move while asking her if she wanted to touch "le canard mort" (dead duck)! The French are so authentic!)
  So,,,,,, if you are vegetarian, you might not want to look below. But if you want some culture, go right ahead and look!

The livers

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