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11:35 AM

I am a bit of an idiot at times. Being a once ultra-shy person ha not stopped me from sticking my foot in my mouth SO. MANY. TIMES. I can't even count. Take this summer when all of us 'aunts' and 'uncle' were sitting around having coffee and I let my feelings slip about people dressing their kids the same. It is pretty common in Spain to dress kids of the same family the same for special occasions, Sunday or just about any day a mom feels like it. So it looks like they are twins, but one is a whole head taller. I find it distracting. And ridiculous. And an insult to the kid's intelligence. Come on! Let them have some independence! I cry, all the while laughing like I was hilarious....
   Until I catch a glimpse of my oldest SIL. You know how it happens when one side of your brain is talking and then suddenly the other side screams, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" while you are still talking? But now you can't stop talking because that would look obvious and weird so you....what do you do?
  As I was talking I looking at my SIL my other side of the brain screamed at me, "HELLO! You just saw your little neices and they were dressed the same and you were even polite enough to tell your SIL how cute they were!"
   So now my SIL knows that I lied. Great.
   I didn't feel like I could stop talking all the way so I just lowered my voice and sort of tapered off. And ended with a lame, "But what do I know, I let my kid wear a blue tutu with a red t-shirt."

This post was inspired by a prompt from Mama Kat's pretty much world famous writing workshop.

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