A dragon lives next door

7:40 AM

The Duke's old residence
 A dragon lives next door to us. He lives in the basement of the long-dead Duke's old city residence. Apparently the dragon didn't get the memo that his type died out years ago because he continues to live there, in the dungeon. He is a nice dragon, but about the time that school gets out and we have to walk past his bedroom window he is taking his nap. So we have to be quiet. Queenie reminds us of this almost everyday as I am usually asking a million and one questions all about her day at school. All questions must stop walking past Dragon's window. It seems obvious to Queenie that he can still hear us even when we cross the street so we, out of respect for Dragon's beauty sleep, speak in whispers until we are inside our building.
   I asked Queenie what he would do if we woke him and she said he would be crabby. I asked if he would bite us and she looked at me with scrunched eyes and a playful smile. "No!" she laughed. "He doesn't bite!"
   Of course now that I have put that idea in her head I have heard her threaten her little sister with the Dragon biting her if she doesn't do what Queenie wants.
Dragon's bedroom window. No, there is no glass there,
Just a metal screen that keeps out small children and Dragons
Sometimes the Dragon comes to visit us. And to be honest, I thought he would be bigger. I imagined a HUGE thing with sharp teeth and fiery eyes, but actually he fits right in Queenie's hand and always demands lots of kisses. So now, I really do believe that he is a good dragon and will not harm us and now I ask Queenie if she wants to invite him over sometime. Especially when cocodrilo (crocodile) comes out of his hiding place in the wall. He also fits inside Queenie's hand and is constantly looking for his mommy and daddy. I am not sure where or when he will find them, but in order to keep him from being sad about it we have to involve him in our play. Sometimes I forget and Queenie, always looking out for him, politely reminds me by sticking him in my face and demanding kisses. If you had told me four years ago I would be kissing reptiles throughout my day I probably wouldn't have believe you! 
 Ah, the imagination of four year olds! I am seriously thinking about writing a story about it!
This is a view of Dragon's living room window from
across the street. We walk right past on our way
home from school.

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