This caca life

2:20 PM

When you become a parent your life starts revolving around poop. Caca. Poopoo. Dung. That gross, smelly waste that come from that gross stinky....okay, you get the idea.
  Remember how before you became a parent your life revolved around so many other things? Yeah, those were good times. Not that being a parent isn't a good time. It really is. Watching my two little girls play together, go crazy-zaney after too much sugar, giggle until they have the hiccups, etc. THAT is fun. But it doesn't take away from the center of it all: the caca.
   It start when the child is born. "Has he/she passed their first stool?" Meconium. That nasty, pasty, crude oil type stuff that gets all over them and makes you freak out as a first time parent when it gets into their pinched-off belly button. And from there it never stops...
  "You  CACA! You CACA!"
  "Say "Thank you, Queenie." "Thank caca!"
  "Hmmmmm, caca pasta! hmmmmm! So yummy!"
  "Caca head! Caca head!"
  "Look! Perro caca!"

  I could go on.
  All of these outbursts are followed by bellowing laughter. We spend Thursday evening talking over skype with one of the cousins. He and Queenie talk back and forth using caca" every other word. They think it is hilARious.

   Firecracker now takes an interest in all things caca. She likes to pick strange things off the street, show them to me with her head cocked to the side and ask, "This one caca?" She knows what my high-pitched answer is already. She just likes to get me riled up. Errr.

   But today I have a nice caca story for you. A good one. Still smelly, but close to our hearts (Principe's and mine). Ready?

   Queenie went number two on the potty today. She was whining and pouting about it, but NOT kicking and screaming....which is good because the last time she did THAT we had giant smears of brown all over the bathroom.....She called a lot of attention to herself using self pity (at one point I said, "Really? You are crying because you are doing something well and like a big girl? Do you see mommy crying every time I go potty?")
   At first she didn't want the praise. At first we were forbidden to talk about it. We were denied hi-fives. And no she didn't want to announce it to her grandparents.

 But then she shyly asked, "Do I get my mochila?"

 When her papa told her he would buy her ANYTHING if she would just go on the potty and no in the diaper she said she wanted Mochila.  It means backpack. She already has one so I am thinking this has something to do with Dora the Explorer. We will find out tomorrow. And we will see if she asks for the diaper tomorrow or goes on the potty. I have a feeling we might need to eventually wean her off of toys for going caca on the potty.....but for now it is worth it!

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