Ten years ago I....

7:44 AM

   Ten years ago I was in Northern Ireland studying abroad. We were in the second semester, as one usually is in February and I was having a hard time finding my place again. Half of the friends I made during the first semester did not come back, which I found hard to deal with. The guys that I was sort of dating didn't come back and I spent January finding out just how many other girls he had been with (we were a secret and I suddenly knew why....). The good thing going was that I still had my German friends. For some reason their Germans second semester starts later so they were all enjoying some vacation time in Ireland. No studies, just partying. One day I decided to take seriously one of my friends offer of hanging out with him. I was desperate for some human interaction.
    When I got to his house I found out that his offer was a "general" offer. While I had taken seriously coming ON Saturday afternoon, he just meant ...whenever. Apparently. Either that or he thought surfing in the freezing Irish waters was more appealing than keeping a "date" with me. Luckily for my already shattered confidence I found one person home: Principe.
    At my university in Coleraine, Northern Ireland I was known as the girl with the blue hair (even though I later dyed it to black and then several other colors, I came into Ireland with blue hair and the label stuck). Principe was known as the Spanish Party Boy. We had had little personal interaction other than one night when he and another Spaniard drunkenly pursued me for a kiss. They had never kissed anyone with a tongue ring. Principe somehow caught me by surprise and gave me a nasty, Guinness tasting kiss. And then there was one party were I secretly made fun of him for being so drunk he didn't notice his fly was down. I'm not giving a very good impression of him...it isn't that I had a bad impression of him back then as mot of us spent more time partying than doing anything else. Besides, in January he found me alone in the university and offered to eat lunch with me out of the blue. He was a nice guy, but I had no interest in him at all.
   That is until one day I found him instead of my German friend. We ended up spending the entire afternoon talking. And then we made plans to hang out again. Neither one of us intended to fall in love. The whole thing was all so innocent at first.
     It was ten years ago this month that we slowly found ourselves not being able to have enough of each other.

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