A story: in 100 words

10:33 AM

         The Accident  
         A battle ensued over a doll. High-pitched, little girl screams echoed from the room. Erica’s exhaustion rose. She entered the room to find two year-old Megan pull her sister’s hair. More screams. Erica growled, frustration now replacing exhaustion. She grabbed Megan’s hand, perhaps too hard. As she twirled around she forgot about the pushchair in the way. Her arms flung forward tossing Megan with them. Erica watched her daughter fall first knees, then hands, then face. Megan screamed in fright. Erica gasped. It was an accident, but not to Megan. In despair, Erica fell first knees, then tears, then soul. 

I wrote this story to enter in a contest before I realized that it was only open to UK residents. So now it is for your enjoyment. But it has led me to think: Mondays here at Toulouse Confessions will now feature 100 Word Mondays. Yea!

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