Pinterest and Craftgawker

7:19 AM

...are making me into a crazy who woman who thinks her house should be all cute and perfect. So when I see a plain, wooden kleenex cover box that is plain for the sole purpose of being dressed up I, of course, buy it because I figure all the time that I have wasted looking at everyone else's cute DIY should have rubbed off on me. And then I get home. Am for two weeks I am at a loss as to what to DO with this thing. Until I decided to use all of the scrapbooking left overs. And this is what happens...

  Over all I think it is cute, but a little overboard. It is like my ideas merged and vomited all over this box. Any pinterest DYI expert would probably say I need to tone it down. But this isn't Pinterest Runway. This is the Ladegui house in Toulouse. And it is good enough for us!

 Or at least good enough until I decide to give it another go and make something a bit sleeker.

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