A PinIt type Valentine´s Day

8:59 AM

I have to admit that I get on Craftgawker a lot more than on Pinterest, but no matter who is to blame more I am most certainly being influenced. Take Valentine's Day for instance. Check out my handy work:
Yep, I made that. Not that it took a lot of effort as I bought those heart premade and just had to glitter them up!

As Queenie doesn't have school this week or next I am trying to find things to fill in the time. Like baking together. WE made cupcakes. I frosted them while she was taking a nap, otherwise there wouldn't have been much frosting left!

Oh, yeah! This picture does these little heart way more justice than a frontal shot. I got the idea from Craftgawker. 
Opps. Fail. I totally meant to get these heart wreaths decorated. I really, really meant to. Maybe if I spent more time on Pinterest and Craftgawker I would have had more inspiration. Oh, well.

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