I used to steal

6:53 AM

Have you ever stolen anything? I have. I used to have an obsession with stealing from those candy bins that used to be in the grocery stores. Remember those? The Brach's candy? The small store in our small town used to have them right next to the cash register. Those candies always caught my eye. My mother would never buy them, she never bought any type of candy, only ice cream. Seriously, not cool, mom! If only you would have indulged me every once and awhile I wouldn't have become a thief! THIEF!
  How old was I? Goodness, about seven. Seven, eight and nine. We didn't go to that grocery store very often as my mother said it was expensive, so it wasn't as though I was doing this every week. But each time that we did go I had to give it a try. My success rate wasn't 100%, but I would say it was a good 85%. At one point I had about 5 or 6 candies in my underwear drawer and worried about what my  mother would ask if she found them. And what would I say? You wonder why I agonized and didn't just eat them? I have no idea. I would even volunteer to put my underwear away. She found them though (seriously, again, why not eat them?) and all I could come up with is a mumbled out sentence of getting them from my cousin. Whether she bought that excuse or not I don't know, but what else was she supposed to think?
     Even without her saying more, I noticed that she started watching me more closely when we went to that grocery store. It was getting harder and harder to quickly pull out a caramel and shove it into my jacket. Or maybe I was more nervous and losing my game. My older brother once caught me with my hands in the bin once and laughingly accused me of stealing. Red as a cherry I denied it, but it was to no avail. Thank goodness he was a tattle-tale, just a teaser. I would have to put up with his teasing for awhile, but I wouldn't have to listen to a lecture from mom!
     Soon after we moved. There were a few more times that I tried to steal, but the stores in town were a lot bigger and there were those mirrors every where! It was too hard. Not to mention my paranoia of getting caught and having to face the manager head on made me woozy. Guess my shyness saved me from juvi. Who'd a thunk it?

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