Homeschooling for two weeks?

12:48 AM

        In France, I am sure I have complained about this before, the kids get two weeks off of school for every 6-7 weeks of school. Last year I at first looked forward to having Queenie at home for two weeks. Firecracker was still a baby and we had some great fun making videos, showing Firecracker how to do new things, doing puzzles while Firecracker was in the same room as she couldn't get to us or our puzzle pieces and we could even color with Firecracker in the same room without worrying about her coloring on the wall. (This weekend, as Queenie doesn't seem to understand the concept of PUTTING MARKERS UP, I cleaned marker off of a new dress, the couch, the walls, the table and the wood floors. Each time Firecracker went to the corner without much remorse. But that is for another post. Titled: What am I supposed to do with this painting CHILD?)
    Next week I will drop Firecracker off at preschool for some hours of playing with kid her own age. And instead of working on my books or query letters, I will have to entertain my child. There is a part of me that says, "Why the heck do I need to ENTERTAIN her, why can't she entertain herself?" Well, sure, she can for a little while, but it isn't like I can take her to the coffee shop and have her color for three hours while I work. Can I? Hmmm. I am still considering it. Maybe. I just feel like I probably won't get much done. The other problem is that right now it is COLD outside. Frio. Froid. Freezing. Going to the park? We did that yesterday, but the wind was so high that it burned our cheeks. Remember, we have to walk to the park and walk home. I don't have a car. We also walk the kilometer to Firecracker's school and any other errands are done on foot. Which isn't a big deal. I like it. But these few weeks in February when the wind chill is so low, I don't like taking the girls out too much.
    So, now I am thinking about setting up homeschool for two weeks. Or a form of it. I am a bit scared of homeschool as I don't have much confidence that I could do a good job, but two weeks wouldn't be so bad, right? Especially because it doesn't count towards anything other than her growing brain. How badly can I screw it up? If I see myself screwing it up that badly I can jut go back to painting. (Why do I keep typing 'baby' when I want to type 'badly'? Is that a sign of how good or bad a job I can do with this?)
    My next few days will be spent looking for material to keep the attention of a four year old without driving her mother crazy. In the States I would still have her at home 24 hours a day, but here I am spoiled and have time to myself and the moment I have a few day without that time I complain! Geez.

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