100 Word Monday:Poetry

1:03 AM


 “The time of your life is now.”
 A line I know so well.
Not to die, but to live. This is one goal.
Please stay here, don’t let me fold.
Sometimes I’m living; sometimes I’m against the wall.
I lack will sometimes, but I’m not letting go.
Not to die, but to live.
Leave me, but hold me close.
I know it isn’t right, but it’s hard to live life full.
There you go, you know the round.
The choice: fight on ahead or fall straight down. 
Not to die, but to live; their goal.
Now go, let me go.
I want to be alive, not just to live. 

This is a poem I wrote a loooooooong time ago, but with some recent editing it is perfect for 100 Word Mondays. Okay, okay, it is nine words over. Sorry.

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