Winter stumped

1:23 AM

     I know half of the bloggers out there are using their blog as part of their New Year's Resolution this year, as every year. They say they want to blog more, they are determined to blog more. And do giveaways. And go to Blog Her.
      Living in France make it hard to do giveaways as well as the fact that I have no interest in doing so. What could I give away that has no outrageous shipping charges? Advice. Errrrr, except that any advice I have to give on parenting or anything else for that matter must come with the disclaimer that in fact I have no idea what I am doing and my children are not model children, in fact that usually get sent to the corner at leat once a day (twice in the case of Firecracker who likes to pull hair. Those curly locks of her sister's are just so tempting....) and are also known to have the worst temper tantrums of both sides of the family. So as for parenting advice.....
        And when it comes to Blog Her, I have to admit that I am still not sure what that is. A bunch of women getting together to talk about their blogs? I know that some women are actually making money off of their blog, but I would guess 90% of us are not. It is just for fun and while we would all likes another income from blogging, I have also noticed that many of the big bloggers don't really blog about.....anything. I prefer the blogs where the moms talk about real things in life whether or not they are making money. Parenting is hard. Staying at home is a challenge. I like to hear about other people's challenges (and joys) that come along because, honey, I seem to be having day to day challenges here! For example: Friday we were one hour late to school because of a one hour temper tantrum about not wanting to go to school and while I finally GOT her there I still had to pick her up and physically hand her over to the teacher. She is sick and sleepy and on the nebulizer, but all that be damned because I am done with the Queenie getting her way through TTs. And I am also done with her sister learning the tricks of the trade.....
          I have to admit that one of my "resolutions" is to blog more, but at the moment I think about it more than I do it. I seem to have lost the mojo. This seems to happen a lot to me. What about you? Do you ever think more about your posts than actually posting? I seem to be more interested in my new endeavor of crocheting and getting over the flu. Yes, you can hear some awesome hacking up a lung around her from all of us girls who seem unable to get rid of our cough-flu-aftermath.
          But I swear I will write. I will actually do it. And it will be entertaining for you, if only to be able to say "Well, at least my Jimmy doesn't do THAT!"

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